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Project Lead

Date: Nov 20, 2020

Location: Bangalore, IN

Company: Subex

    Lead a customer project, responsible for the delivery of the end-end solution to the customer involving all the required stakeholders and come out with best practices for efficient and quality delivery. 


Roles & Responsibilities:

    1.  You will design, develop, modify, debug and/or maintain software code according to Design document.The candidate should Lead the team and help do Effort Estimation, Project Planning, Tracking, Monitoring and closure. He should have good Effort Estimation technique.
    2.  You will have a complete understanding of customer needs and expectations to enable the effective delivery and development of appropriate quality services that exceed customer expectations.
    3.  You will follow the software engineering standards, applicable software development methodology and release processes, to ensure code is maintainable, scalable, supportable and demo the software products to stakeholders
    4.  You will investigate issues by reviewing/ debugging code, provides fixes and workarounds, and reviews changes for operability to maintain existing software solutions.
    5.  You will show appropriate respect for coworkers, work within a team, collaborate and work together to achieve goals.
    6.  Add value through participation in peer code reviews, provide comments and suggestions, guide the team members and work with cross-functional teams.
    7.  You should give demo or explain how the product can be applied to a particular domain area, should suggest product feature enhancements or improvements to product based on the knowhow.
    8.  You will take initiative in solving or helping to resolve problems or recommending solutions that would reduce delivery timelines.
    9.  You will ensure task allocation for more than 80% of available hours of the team members, If clarity not available escalate immediately to the reporting manager.
    10. You need to plan, prioritize and think ahead of the task on hand & organize resources around it towards an effective execution.


Essential Skills & Experience:


  1. Background from SI organisation like Wipro, Infosys, TechM, ( Indian SI preferable where Env is a bit Chaos)
  2. Has handled multiple projects in parallel (small ones) or  multi track for large projects.
  3. Direct customer management and Internal stakeholders
  4. Knows at least one effort estimation techniques. (PERT, Use case, Function Point Analysis) etc
  5. Responsible for project effort estimation and takes control during execution
  6. Can shuffle between multi priorities.
  7. Technical – Java, Oracle, Hadoop, Scripting, PostGres, Web servers -any , Open source stack- any
  8. Domain- Preferred from telco billing , charging, Order fulfilment side
  9. Assertive in nature
  10. Communicates clearly and to the point.